Creepy Coogee Carnival Call for Volunteers 

Preparations for this year’s Creepy Coogee Carnival, on 27 October, are well underway.  But we need you! There are lots of big and small jobs that need help, and getting involved with an event like this is great way to get to know the school community.

Carnival Convener (or Co-Convener)

Are you well organised and able to keep balls in the air?  We are looking for someone to coordinate each of the Carnival working teams and bring everything together.  You will be well supported in this role by lots of fabulous people.  This can be job-shared – grab a friend and volunteer now!

 Minister of Food

Know how to feed many people all at once?  This role involves liaising with the Canteen about logistics and space on the day, as well as organising the donation and/ or purchasing of food for the Carnival.  There is a wealth of knowledge here to lean on, we just need someone who knows their sausage sandwich from their popcorn.

Treasurer of the Carnival

Numerically-minded?  This role involves creating and monitoring a budget for the event, and then managing the cash flow on the day.  You’ll have a team of people on the day to help out, and a coldie at the end of it.

Director of Stalls

Good at multi-tasking?  We are looking for someone to help allocate classes to stalls; as well as determine the placement the stalls on campus and organising the donation or renting physical stalls.  It’s a fun way to work closely with the classes and the kids…

Auction Tsar

Want to help out but not a lot of time spent away from your desk?  This role requires good organisational skills to keep track of the received donations for the auction, to manage the Donations Team and ongoing calls for prizes, and to organise the online auction itself (with clear information about each price and any terms and conditions).

The Donations Team

Feel like some fresh air? Just have an hour or two to spare?   We are looking for volunteers to hit up local businesses to ask for prizes for the auction.  We would love a hairdressing voucher, access to a weekend-away home, kids’ activities vouchers…. the list is endless.

Chief Media Office

A social butterfly?  We would love someone to reach out to local papers and schools to drum up traffic for the big day!

Can you help?

Please reach out by email: and/ or come along to our next
Carnival Get-Together, either in the morning or in the evening on:

Wednesday 28 March
9:30am @ 3 Bream Street
~ or ~
7:30pm @ Coogee Diggers
All welcome!