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Our Coogee Bites Canteen is operated by your P&C with the aim of providing high quality, healthy snacks and lunchtime meals to students and staff at reasonable cost. Where possible, we endeavour to source organic and free range produce. We aim to minimise waste and to work with the School’s ‘Waste Free Wednesdays’, recycling and composting programs, using compostable or recycle friendly disposable products and not using disposable products unnecessarily. We hand-make and prepare a range of snack and lunchtime menu items in the canteen each day and we follow the guidelines set out in the  Fresh Taste @ School NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy, often exceeding their requirements, as we avoid colourings and preservatives where possible. As a P&C run business, the canteen belongs to the parent body and we are always looking at ways  to improve and meet the wishes and needs of parents – your feedback is welcome – please email the Coogee Canteen.

How to order lunch or recess from our Canteen

Our Canteen uses Online Ordering with Flexischools

Flexischools is a great online system to make the ordering of lunches easier and more convenient.

  • Order at a time convenient to you, in the morning, night before, or weeks in advance!
  • No searching for cash required, it’s already paid online!
  • Order from home or work

It’s so easy!

  • Go to
  • Click “Register Now” to create account
  • Registration is easy and free!
  • Top-up your balance
  • Start ordering immediately

Payment Options available from Flexischools

There are a variety of payment options supported, including Visa, MasterCard (credit and debit), Bank Transfer and Payclick.  The system operates via a pre-paid account.

The advantage for you

As parents the most important advantage of using online ordering are:

  • You know that the Canteen receives your order
  • There are no lost orders or money and young children are not required to handle cash
  • You can detail EXACTLY what your child likes, even thick or thin vegemite!
  • Flexischools is open until  8.45 am each morning, you can even order a week in advance or setup recurring orders. (A small number of “Specials” have an earlier cut-off of 1.30pm the day prior, these are detailed on Flexischools)
  • Paper lunch bags, order labels, cups and disposables are included in the cost.
  • Orders can be cancelled at any time in the event your child is unable to attend school – until 8.45am online or by contacting the canteen directly by 9.30 am

If you do not have internet access, orders can be dropped off at the canteen each morning by 8.45 am. The cut-off for counter orders of Sushi is 1:30pm the day prior. Please write your child’s Name, Class and Order on the Bag, Cup and PIzza boxes as required.  Please do not use supermarket or other bags as they are often unsuitable and just not large enough. Pizza orders must be written on the pizza boxes and drinks on our cups.

Click to view or download the latest canteen menu!

All orders must be handed into the canteen with exact payment. If you do not have the correct payment we will endeavour to accommodate, but since we are a predominately Flexischools canteen, this is not always possible.

Please note that credit will not be given, but children who forget their lunch can report this to the Duty teacher who authorises them to come to the canteen for a sandwich. They are given a vegemite sandwich $1 or a cheese sandwich $2 and requested to bring payment to the canteen the next school day.

Volunteers Needed! (Our Canteen Crew)

The Canteen relies on 50+ parent and community volunteers who are organised and trained by our canteen manager in the preparation of school lunches.

This is why we can provide lunches at current costs and to keep the canteen as a P&C run sustainable business. We do not aim to profit excessively, but to cover costs and maintain a high standard of food quality. If you can volunteer your time, please contact Alison Kyling, Canteen Manager, by e-mail

Typically, you will only be required to do one shift 9-11 am or 11-1 pm every 4 weeks but we also have weekly, fortnightly, once a term or once a year volunteers and you can assist at anytime if you are able, the roster is never full, and a new volunteer may mean a new menu item can be introduced.

Please read the guide for new volunteers.

Download New Volunteers Guide

The Roster

If you would like to join the roster, pop into the Canteen or email your details to the canteen manager, the roster is never full and all caregivers are welcome, Mums, Dads and Grandparents.

Alison Kyling, Canteen Manager
Coogee Public School P&C Canteen

9315 7255 and ask for extension 106.