The AGM is followed by a General Meeting.

There are many positions available to parents wishing to have a more involved role in the school.  You can be part of the Executive, take on the role of Secretary or Vice President or simply join a committee and be part of the planning process.  Have a look at the list of positions.

We encourage all families to get involved. Become a Member or download a Nomination Form now!

Getting involved in your P&C

The P & C encourages your involvement and participation in our school. The P&C plays a role in representing parent voice on a range of school related topics as well as providing a significant source of fundraising / financial assistance to the school.

The aim of Coogee Public School’s P&C is to further the welfare of the students and to improve socialisation, communication, teacher support and community involvement.

The involvement of parents and carers helps to create a dynamic community at CPS, with enormous benefit for all our children.  Helping out is a great way to be involved in your child’s school life, support the teaching staff, get to know students, other families and contribute to your community.

We are all busy with family and work commitments and it is not always possible to help every time a request is made. However, there are many different ways to support the school and we urge you to do what you can, when you can.

Nominating executive or committee positions in advance of the AGM.

The following is an overview of the Coogee   P&C Policy for Procedure for Nominations in advance of an AGM. For more information please refer to the policy document which takes precedence if there is a discrepancy with other information on this web site.

  1. Nominations may be submitted by using the Nomination Form  (preferred) or verbally during the AGM when asked by the returning officer, sub-commitee conveners do not need proposers or seconders.
  2. A nominee, proposer and seconder must be financial members of the P&C for the coming year before the AGM meeting commences.
  3. It is preferred that sub-committee conveners will nominate to the P&C executive also
  4. A person nominating for a position on the P&C executive or a committee does not have to be present at the meeting but must have indicated a willingness to be nominated.
  5. A member must however be present to vote, there is no proxy voting at P&C meetings.
  6. The person nominated may vote for themselves.